Raise a glass to the fallen Angels

I AM SORRY I HAVE BEEN AWAY FOR MONTHS. PLEASE FORGIVE ME There was this gathering on a friday night after work, TGIF, celebrating the new financial year, sending forth staffs to new beginnings, celebrating new pay raise, typical Nigeria style outing, work hard and party hard. If you know me well, you know I…… Continue reading Raise a glass to the fallen Angels

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The Things I Hate About Nigerians

Don’t get it twisted, I was born, bred and have lived in Nigeria all my life. Matter of fact, I have NEVER left Nigeria but there are somethings that Nigerians do that make me ponder and just sigh *sighs*. One of them is time keeping. I could go on and on about time keeping. Personally,…… Continue reading The Things I Hate About Nigerians

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Stranger Things

I have always read stories about hypnosis and watched it on CBS Reality but it never happened to anyone I knew personally so I never really believed the stories. Flashback to January last year, I met up with an acquaintance on my way to work one Monday morning and she narrated a shocking tale to…… Continue reading Stranger Things

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My First Time Having…………….

As boring and stale as this may sound to you, just very recently, I had my very first outing where I had drinks. Who else to share the experience with than YOU. I was super excited to just unwind after work and I liked the certain ring in my ear of telling my colleagues *I…… Continue reading My First Time Having…………….

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I have a very weird gift or talent so to speak; I can look at a couple, parents and their kids, siblings, friends and tell if they are faking the love and just putting up a show. I predicted a lot of celebrity breakups long before it happened and the razzmatazz never fooled me but…… Continue reading I WILL NOT SAY I TOLD YOU SO

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Skinny Girl Insecurities

Ever since I was able to understand the happenings in my environment, I came to an understanding that there is a bit of bias or assumption as regards the smaller size in Nigeria. Almost everyone assumed that it is so disrespectful to call someone fat or obese but if you are skinny, it is not…… Continue reading Skinny Girl Insecurities