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I Met A Guy With a Deadline.

Apologies: It has come to my knowledge that my first post titled *getting to know me* hasn’t been opening properly. I sent a mail to the Engineers at wordpress but I still have not heard anything. Please if any of YOU amazing people know the solution to this, kindly drop a comment and help a newbie.

Gratitude: I don’t think I will ever get tired of thanking all you readers from Nigeria to south Africa to United Kingdom to Canada to France to United States to European Union and other parts of the world. YOU all are my motivation. THANK YOU.

So today I will be sharing a personal story of A guy I met on a rainy thursday morning. Enjoy.

I was a bit late for work and was walking hurriedly while trying to avoid angry pedestrians, cars and buses splashing dirty water with reckless abandon, water puddles while still shielding my tall frame and bag with my little black umbrella. Then this branded hilux car sped past and started slowing down and checking me out from the rearview mirror. I feigned ignorance and walked past but then the driver honked and offered me a ride, I hurriedly did the security analysis in my head * branded company car, no tinted glass, bright morning, lots of passers-by, slightly busy street* so I took the ride.

While I was trying to frisk myself of raindrops, fold my umbrella, use the seat belt and get comfortable, Bro started a conversation: my name, what I did for a living, where I was headed etc. No big deal right? And then he took it several steps further and started asking about my relationship status, religion, age, if I had a problem marrying someone with a different religious belief and then BOOM!!! He asked if I loved to cook because he loved food so much and his wife was going to be  spending a lot of time in the kitchen making his favourite meals as apparently he has more than one. I had to blink repeatedly and a lump suddenly formed in my throat which I found really difficult to swallow.

PAUSE…. How did we get here? is this some sort of proposal? am I auditioning for Top Chef Nigeria, were the producers trying to find out if I could withstand long hours in the kitchen under adverse conditions and time constraints? where were the hidden cameras? Oooh and did I tell you that all these happened within 20 minutes maximum??? I felt exhausted as if I had just been interviewed by the CEO of a multinational company for an executive position. Wow!!!! Is this brother literally working with time, Thirsty or what???

  And then his Grand finale speech while still maintaining a cheschire cat’s grin: So Tobi, I like you as a woman, do you like me as a man?. Whatever happened to good old chivalry like taking it slow and steady? exchanging numbers? asking for a date and really getting to know me?. I just gave my best fake smile and politely said * I hardly know you and you seem like a really nice guy but NO I do not like you as a man. Thank you for the ride, it was nice meeting you*. Whew!!! I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw the much-anticipated pedestrian bridge which signified the arrival to my destination, I bade my farewell to the Bro with absolutely zero chill.  Well I do not hope to see him again and if I do, then he should be with a woman oozing kitchen spices so I do not have to be interrogated again. So much for a peaceful morning ride or so I thought.

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5 thoughts on “I Met A Guy With a Deadline.

  1. Why the hurry? Aren’t there better ways of achieving the same results though? It doesn’t only speak bad of a man with such game, but cheaply of any lady who easily falls for such.


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