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Caught Pants Down

Hey YOU, you know its YOU I am referring to, I hope you all had an amazing weekend like I did and you are pushing through the almighty Monday? Fight on soldier. Thank YOU for the views, comments, likes. YOU are still blowing my mind.

Today, I am going to be sharing another true life experience of mine with YOU solely for Your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

It was in the early 2000’s and I was awaiting my admission letter into high/secondary school, my siblings were all in boarding school, my parents were at work and I was assigned to stay with my neighbour. On this fateful Day, my dad took the day off from work because he planned on going to the secondary school to confirm my admission or otherwise and we were the last to leave the residence. Thankfully, there was power supply on this bright and shiny morning and I vividly remember my dad telling me to switch off all electrical appliances including lights, TV, the DVD *thankfully we now had a TV and DVD; a necessity my parents considered was strictly for the creme de la creme in the 90’s*which I promptly obliged. He gave me my allowance for snacks, told me he was going to my school *faith speaking because no one knew if I had an admission already*.

While I was opening the double-leafed gate for my dad to drive out of the compound, I notice this guy with a sack of carpentry equipments that made me shudder unexpectedly, my dad drives out, comes down from his car, locks the gate, hands me the keys, bade me farewell and watches me as I make my way to my neighbour’s house. As I get there;  Aunty Lola and I exchange pleasantries and we start watching TV. After awhile, I feel the need to get some eclairs sweet from Mama Tope’s shop, I excuse myself and make my way there. While coming back, I see this creepy man with the carpentry equipments again; I greet him briskly and made my way back to my neighbour’s house.

I offer some eclairs sweets  to Aunty Lola but I honestly can not remember if she accepts or rejects them. The cartoon showing on the TV started to get boring and Aunty Lola suggested I get a particular Nollywood movie titled *My Love* from my house and we could watch that in lieu of the cartoon. The idea seemed reasonable enough so I obliged, got the keys and we headed out together to my house. On getting to the living room, I picked up the CD containing the movie and notice that the DVD was not in the usual place but I made a flimsy excuse in my head that my dad had taken it along with him, then I draw the curtains leading to the adjoining rooms. Alas!!! the passage/corridor light I turned off two hours ago was turned on and I whisper to Aunty Lola *It seems there is a thief in this house o*.PAUSE………….

From the description of a previous post Abused by the Maid My place of residence was pretty much a deserted area with only a hand full of houses in the late 90’s and early to mid 2000’s. Our fence was higher now and we had a gate but the adjoining lands were still virgin lands with tall thick bushes. A street and a considerable distance on the right side of my house was Aunty Lola’s house, the left  side was a virgin land, while the back of my house was inhabited by an amazing woman popularly known as Iya Double *Rest In Peace*, She would warn everyone and anyone not to turn her compound to a pathway because she was yet to make a fence and a gate. The Fadeyibi’s residence sadly was always a victim of robbery due to the absence of people from the break of dawn up until sun set when my mum would get back from work and come get me in my neighbour’s house, The tall fence and large compound distancing the main building from the  gate served as a good cover for any thief without the fear of being discovered. We had to get creative in places to hide valuables and once, my mum opened her closet and saw how empty it was; she broke down in tears *completely shattered my heart and I cried too. Other people’s tears are like magnets to my tear glands*. So it was a constant prayer point in my house that the thief be nabbed. RESUME…


Without saying anything to me, Aunty Lola runs like a raging bull out of my house and I instinctively run after her; My chubby and clumsy days were now far behind me so I did not have a problem keeping up with her. We dash to her house, wake her mum up and tell her there is a thief in my house, she exclaims and tells us to go to Baba Ajala’s house to tell him since their were lots of men living in that compound. While hurrying on barefoot to Baba Ajala’s house, I start hearing Thief! Thief!! Thief!!!


I believe while we were in the house getting the CD, the thief locked himself in the bathroom and immediately we ran out, hurriedly gathers the stolen cloths in the bag, Jumps over our fence and lands in Iya Double’s compound.


Noticing the stranger turning her compound to a pedestrian walk way, she walks up to him and starts yelling. He is mumbling an apology when Iya Double looks down at the bag he is carrying and exclaims *Isn’t this Mama Fadeyibi’s cloths*. Thief drops the bag and starts running while Iya Double starts shouting Ole!Ole!!Ole!!!. Thief!Thief!!Thief!!!


The sun is blazing now and the street is filled with men chasing the thief and women tagging along for first hand gossip purposes. I tag along at a  more slow pace trying to explain to everyone what transpired before noon. For one hour, the chase continues from one uncompleted building to another, one thick bush to another then the excitement and adrenaline level start to decline and hopes of nabbing the thief starts to fade.  Everyone is gathered in front of an uncompleted detached house where the thief was seen entering  earlier but seemed to have vanished into thin air.

A certain uncle whose name I can not remember anymore seemed really dejected because my dad was really kind to him and he wanted to be able to present the miscreant as one would present spoils of war to my dad when he returned. This uncle picks up a stone, hurls it randomly into the compound and we hear an ear-piercing scream. Immediately, the energy level moved from zero to hundred and the men briskly spread out and jumped into the compound. By the time they all came out of the compound, The thief was naked except for a brief; battered, bruised, eyes swollen shut and almost unrecognizable. I yelped!!! The thief was the guy with the carpentry equipments that gave me shivers much earlier in the day.

I was ordered to call either of my parents; thankfully, I knew both their numbers by heart and I decided to call my mum because I did not want my dad interrupted while checking my admission status. I had to walk a long distance without any footwear with a certain Aunty Funmi before I could get access to a phone to call my mum. The whole street was still abuzz when mum and dad got back and our compound was filled with friends, well wishers, gist spreaders and the likes. I had to explain the incidents of the day repeatedly to several people and I was drained when dusk started setting and people started dispersing. There was this Nigeria Security Civil Defense Corp (NSCDC) neighbour of ours who came in his sparkly uniform, got the details of the happenings and bundled the thief away. Needless to say, that was the last time we were robbed and I personally was not told what became of the thief *guess it was above my age to know*.

Thank YOU so much for taking time out to read this. Please share, comment, like, subscribe. And oooh, I got an admission into the secondary school of my choice or rather my parents choice. Trust me when I say YOU do not want to miss *My Boarding School Series*. Ciao. xoxoxo.




15 thoughts on “Caught Pants Down

  1. Nice writeups…being forced to read cos of ur intuitive reasoning.easy with the punctuations cos it make it look kinda clumsy.moreover its “Nigeria” and not “National” in NSCDC. keep it up.


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