Meet My......

Meet My Former Neighbour:The Sex Worker.

Hey YOU, #TGIF. I hope you are having a fab day and preparing to turn up in your various turn up destinations???? I will definitely be turning up with some series on my giant bed while simultaneously digging  into my memory archive to bring you my life’s extraordinary experiences solely for YOUR reading pleasure.

Thank YOU for the views and comments, it’s been gob smacking. The numbers don’t  lie. Here is one for the weekend, I will be telling you about a former next door neighbour of mine who I sort of knew but didn’t really know*if that makes sense*. Enjoy.

Her name starts with a B but for the purpose of this story, I will call her Bella (fake name).  Bella was my ideal kind of neighbour i.e She was always minding her business and we never spoke or made any attempt to start a conversation even when we bumped into each other on the corridor *which was fine by me*. Bella is a dark-skinned curvy lady of medium height and an unashamed sex worker. I never had a meaningful conversation with Bella but I felt like I knew her pretty well, her room was the room immediately after mine and the walls are paper-thin so I over heard some things *I was not eaves dropping* and in a weird way, I felt we were friends. Here are a few things I learnt about Bella through the paper-thin wall.

  • She came from a neighbouring francophone country
  • She is a strategic social worker who relocates every 6 months
  • Her aim of always relocating was to get her fangs on prospective customers, give them pleasure in exchange for money and when the demand for her services started dwindling, she would relocate to a different location and start the cycle again.
  • Her favourite drink is Guinness extra stout on the rocks.
  • Her favourite meal is peppersoup and cat-fish
  • She was once betrayed by her dear friend who was also a social worker. She is yet to recover from that betrayal because she started to cry and rapidly speak in french while she was explaining to a friend. Sadly, there was a communication barrier so I could not get the full gist.
  • She loves to put her stereo in the loudest volume and listen to french music. Once, I had to bang on her door but the music was so loud she didn’t hear me. Then I had to go to her window and bang on that again. Thankfully, she obliged.
  • She is very good at her job and professional about her job.
  • She liked to take things slow and increase the tempo gradually whenever she was with a client.
  • She once refused to open the door for a drunk client who banged repeatedly on her door and interrupted my deep and peaceful slumber.
  • Her favourite colour is purple.
  • She once called me baby and I blushed to my roots.
  • She preferred Older bulkier men to skinny young men as clients.

I was away on a certain weekend and when I got back, my ideal neighbour had moved out. I guess the 6 months period had elapsed. I will definitely remember Bella from time to time *I mean this post is about her* and when I finally come around to taking french speaking lessons because her voice was so melodious when she spoke french.

Thank YOU so much for taking out time to read this post. Please share, comment, like etc. xoxoxo.



8 thoughts on “Meet My Former Neighbour:The Sex Worker.

  1. You deciphered all these albeit you don’t understand French?!!! Your Amebo skills, just as impeccable as mine! Loool! Lovely piece!


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