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Update on Pushka

Top of the morning to YOU and YOURS darlings. Today I am in the mood to call this blog the name *Pushka* so say hi to Pushka. It is a great day for me over here in the sunny city of Lagos, Nigeria. I am literally walking on sunshine. Having a moody day??? Not to worry, turn that frown upside down and make it a SMILE. YOU know you look so much better when you smile. Trust me when I say things will work out fine pretty soon. The arm of flesh is sure to fail but HIS timing differs from mere mortals timing so hold the fort soldier.

The reason I am walking on sunshine is story for another day but let’s just say when you are five steps ahead of them Felicias *I hope you know what the name felicia refers too in the meme and social media world?*, you can not help but grin like a Cheshire cat. The weapons of this world are not carnal and taking a cue from Khaleesi; The Mother of Dragons, you need to sometimes transition from the offense position, form allegiances both spiritually and physically. After all, the spiritual rules over the physical and you gotta nip Prince of persia and his army in the bud pronto.

We all need people that we should answer too ideally because it helps your accountability and makes you committed. Either on academic, career, professional, relationship, spiritual, family matters etc. I want to be accountable to YOU and YOU and YOU. There is a high tendency of me getting busier with work during the last quarter of the year; Pushka is my baby where I can write anything I want *almost anything* untamed and uncut solely for YOUR reading pleasure and I really enjoy doing this, I have decided to publicly commit myself to these series that I will be sharing during the last quarter of the year. PLEASE if I do not share these stories, bombard Pushka and I with mails and comments until I fulfill this commitment. I dare not invoke the wrath of people from home and abroad. Here are a list of the series for the last quarter.

  • Boarding School Series (2002-2008)
  • Modeling Series (2011-2015)
  • Life of a Lagos corper (2014-2015)
  • Relocation
  • Handling career transition.

The posts during this period is not limited to the afore-mentioned titles. I will write as my heart leads because that is the only way I can give YOU the very best. And I hope my brain (Cheetah) and fingers (Insert a slow animal of your choice) will work in sync *lol*. So it is going to be a busy year for US.

Until the next post, live, love, laugh, smile, stay healthy, forgive, break unhealthy relationships/ habits.

With love, from ME to YOU.



P.S: Who else is excited about Rio Olympics in August? I can not wait for the track and field events, gymnastics, swimming.



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