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Visit to Doctor 90210

Hello beautiful people, I hope YOU had an amazing weekend and will have a more amazing week???

Today, I am going to be sharing a personal experience with YOU. This post isn’t one of those ones that had me thinking for an appropriate title. The title could have been Clear The Scar, Knowledge is Power, If YOU never try, YOU will never know but I hope this title I picked will suffice as YOU read along. So here’s one for the week solely for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

I was in my senior year also known as S.S 3 class in Nigeria in the year 2008, It was an unwritten rule for the seniors to skip as many school meals as possible because it was considered cool *full details of secondary school will be in my boarding series later this year*. It was a cool Thursday evening which meant dinner would be Eba and Ewedu with tablet sizes meat *yuck*. I was lounging on my bed after the afternoon prep, gisting with fellow seniors about God knows what, ignoring the incessant clanging bell indicating dinner time and night prep like a cool senior would do. When it was dark enough, we all dressed up, applied white powder,lip gloss, re polished palm slippersย  and headed out for night prep grudgingly. Considering the time we left, the girl’s dormitory gate was supposed to be free for pedestrians but there was a lot of people at the gate screaming, pushing and running around aimlessly.

We*my clique and I* approached the dormitory gate gingerly and to our dismay, there was the Administrative Officer (A.O) and Mr Obadina the Biology teacher brandishing long canes and koboko’s and mercilessly flogging students that missed food and were late for night prep. As a cool senior, you have only a very limited time to exhibit external fear and then march forward to effortlessly get your dose of flogging without a flinch. Now, I was not a chester*someone who took all the flogging of the world without batting an eye lid, all hail Elizabeth Imeh THE chester* but I observed that it was just two strokes of the cane and the number of strokes would gradually progress so I braced myself and went for my dose of flogging. I got one at my back and the other hit my right calf then with self-pride for not yelping, I walked to my self assigned table where I read either notes or novels *mills & boons, silhouette, harlequin* till it was 10pm which marked the end of daily activities and I could return to the dormitory.

I noticed that the skin around my right calf where the cane had landed was scalded raw but I just cleaned the area and continued gisting and reading; weeks later, the scar on my calf was yet to clear and I opened an antibiotic meant for the sore-throat I always suffered from and emptied the content right on top of the scar. It started to dry up and heal but the healing process just didn’t seem right; it healed fine but the area was darker and protruded. Then someone else suggested shea butter which I applied but it remained the same or even worsened.

Late 2008- Mid 2015

That is how this scar remained with me through out my five years in the University, I became so insecure about it whenever I was wearing a skirt or dress and would linger behind a group of boys instead of walking past them so they would not see the scar, I suggested going to the Doctor but dearest Mum said a big NO, that I would have to get an operation to cut it off and she didn’t want me going under the knife *she’s a qualified nurse, not a dermatologist*. My Dad urged me to at least go to a hospital and hear the doctor out but I listened to Mum and this scar became a part of me in the University, while I was a corp member and when I started working in a real estate firm opposite The General Hospital in Lagos Island, Nigeria. Once I observed that the scar was getting bigger but I stupidly ignored it.

Last quarter ofย  2015

I really can’t remember when all the puzzles came together or when I had my epiphany but one morning, I strolled to the hospital in front of my office building, registered, got a card, saw a general practitioner who referred me to the skin department. At the skin department, I was scheduled to have a doctor’s appointment for a whole month after *public hospital troubles* for 7am but I was a girl on a mission.

I was eagerly looking forward to my appointment and when the D day finally arrived, I didn’t get to see the doctor till 9am. When I finally saw him,I was shocked by what I heard and I quote.

Doctor: *Scribbles a lot of illegible notes on my card, examines the scar, asks me for how long I have had the scar, If it itched or not etc* You will undergo a series of injection with a 4-8 weeks interval on the scar that will dry the scar out gradually.

Me: How many injections?

Doctor:Depends on how fast the scar fades.

Me: Doctor, won’t I have an operation?

Doctor: *laughs hysterically*The scar is too small for an operation.

Me: What kind of injection is it please? My mum is going to ask me for details Sir.

Doctor: Kenalog Injection costing JUST 2000 naira/injection.

Me: And I have been suffering from insecurity because of ignorance, even praying for it to disappear when God had already prepared a solution for me right in front of my office. Ok Sir, thank you Sir.

So I had a total of three injections between October and January, the injections were extremely painful and affected my mood and hormones but the outcome is amazing. Please ignore the picture quality and different skin tones. flash/lighting/background etc drama. Just look at the scar.

BEFORE PICTURE *I just had the first dose of injection few minutes before I took this picture*


AFTER PICTURE. This was after my last dose of injection.



My point is; If you never try, you will never know. Don’t seek layman’s help or self medicate. Go to a qualified practitioner for help. Rather than wallowing, make the first move by seeking help. I would still have this scar if I had not acted on my epiphany and Doctor 90210 fixed me up real good without breaking my bank account.

I hope you are inspired by this post to fix things in your life that are within your capacity to fix instead of wallowing, embracing the pain or seeking spiritual help when God already put the help in the brain of men and women on planet earth.

Thank YOU for taking out time to read this. Do not forget to like, comment, share your own experiences and subscribe.Until the next post. xoxoxo.



8 thoughts on “Visit to Doctor 90210

  1. I have scar like that on my arm too,but I keep procrastinating going to the hospital… thanks for this post,now I’m motivated to go and see a doctor.


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