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Accountability #HardTalk

Count down to Rio 2016, I can’t keep calm. Do I have a witness.

Hello Guys, You know how I told you that I would be getting busy pretty soon in one of my posts titled Update on Pushka well….. the time has come and I will be getting busier but when you love what you do and love your readers, then you have to create time out of no time. So this is coming to YOU at 10:15 pm.

This is going to be hard talk because in my over two decades on earth, I have encountered some people who have made me wonder *where did you come from? why do you do this ridiculous things? have you been living under a rock? do you have people problem?*. It is not cool at all to do some things because you feel like it. As YOU read on, YOU will catch on my definition of accountability as I site some examples.

I am naturally a good listener and when you share a problem with me, I get genuinely worried, brain storm on solutions, advise you when necessary, be a listening ear, pray with you etc but Homo sapiens have made me question why I even bother sometimes. I have had a situation where a friend had an issue in her final year in school and if it was not fixed, that meant an extra year. When she told me, I was genuinely worried, gave her pointers on who to meet and how to approach them, included her in my already long prayer points list and a few weeks later, I heard from another friend that she had sorted out the issue. I mean, you took out time to unburden on my shoulders and when the burden was lifted, you did not deem it fit to tell me so I can celebrate and be grateful to God. And there I was, taking aspirin for another’s headache #Notcool

There was this other time that another friend could not make it for an induction he had been looking forward too because he was out of the city, I knew how excited he was about it and when he told me that he was unable to make it, I took out time from my busy schedule to compose a regret mail for him, follow-up and ALAS!!! I bumped into him weeks later in the city all sorted out, and there I was, still worried if the regret mail was well received, if he was being scheduled for another induction etc and what nots. #Notcool

Also, it is very disrespectful when someone loans you some money after pleading passionately and promising to return it at a stipulated time but once you get the money, you suddenly develop amnesia. Even if you can not raise the money at the agreed time, courtesy demands you reach out and explain things rather than assume the person should know that *Times are Hard* or pay half and completely forget the rest as if that was the plan from inception. He/She loaned you that money when times were hard and they may have plans for it. No matter how desperate you are,  please be honest and tell them exactly when you will be able to refund the loan, if you will be making partial or full payments and if you can’t, do not assume they have forgotten just because they gave you space and did not want to bombard you with phone calls. It is not cool to be a chihuahua when asking for a loan and a bull-dog when the time to pay back draws near.

If out of your busy schedule, you can make out time to reach me, hold a conversation and trust me enough to unburden your problems, then the least I deserve is to join you in celebration when the problems are gone with the wind.

I know artisans have a way of giving you ridiculous deadlines that they know they can not meet but regardless of the money you are so eager to receive, It is not cool to ignore messages, calls, mails because you are yet to complete the task given to you, meet a deadline or you are just pretending to be busy. How would you feel if you were in the person’s shoes??? They may also have a boss they are reporting too and you may just be jeopardizing the person’s job.

I get that we are all busy and some times forget to check up on each other, when you need a favour, say your greetings and ask for the favour rather than asking repeatedly *how are you, whats up, how are you, what is happening, how are you*, Please just go straight to the point as most people can really tell when it is a favour you need even beforeyou ask. It is not cool to be known as the person who only buzzes a friend when they need a favour. If you had a quarrel in your last conversation and things did not end well, when next you reach out, don’t just pretend like it never happened; address the issue in a civilised manner, apologize when necessary before you ask for help.

I will have you know that a renowned governor was only supported and nominated by his predecessor because whenever he was given an assignment with others, he was the only one who returned with a feedback  regardless of it being either positive or negative. Little things like this go a long way and is one of the things that can make you stand out as a business or career person. So please, endeavour to be accountable. No man is an Island and two heads are better than one, it is okay to share your problems with trust worthy, close-mouthed persons but when you start rejoicing when the heavens have provided a solution for you, let this friend be aware and celebrate with you.

I hope beyond enjoying this post, it has challenged you to be more accountable and sensitive to other people’s feelings. With love from me to You at dusk. xoxoxo.


7 thoughts on “Accountability #HardTalk

  1. We are only human and bound to make mistakes, You are welcome darling. That’s good that you plan on working on it. Let us all keep being the best versions of ourselves we can be. Thank YOU soooo much for reading, learning and commenting. Really appreciate.Xoxoxoxo.


  2. I believe if you trust a person enough to share and partially place the burden which is also an unsettled stage and the smoke is at its peak, it is only fair to share interim/progress/follow-up report to also lift that burden while the smoke is clearing and then a final report when the smoke has cleared completely. Thank YOU so much for taking out time to read and share your views.


  3. LOL Just seeing this 😄😄
    Well it is not always the best idea to give reports when they’re unsettled. So some people wait for the smoke to clear before describing what they can see. 😊


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