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3 Days Vacation

Hey YOU, how are YOU doing? I hope the month is off to a good start for YOU? TGIF, I know right. I am super excited about the weekend too. I am going to have a long night sleep, turn off all alarms and wake up whenever I wake up. I can’t wait. I am sure YOU have your weekend pretty planned out too. #cool. Here is one solely for your Reading Pleasure. Enjoy.

So earlier in the week when I dropped the last post titled  Accountability #HardTalk  I was in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, popularly called Abuja for approximately 72 hours. You know what they say about how time flies when you are having fun? well it is true. My purpose of traveling was  work related but the entire ambience of Abuja got me relaxed.

I was super excited on the plane because I would be able to spend time with my family friends #amazingggfamily, cook a proper healthy farm fresh meal, enjoy the cheap taxis , the buildings and the view in general. When I landed, I contemplated waiting for my family friends or just going straight to meet up with them, I chose to take a taxi and as per Abuja is the place of cheap taxis, I hailed a taxi and was shocked when the driver told me a ride to immigration will cost me ₦3, 500 #why are airport taxis so expensive anyway. If you have been to Abuja, then you know that the immigration office is not far from the airport. Generally, I have observed that is the way a well planned state positions the immigration office in close proximity to the airport.#Idigress. As a Lagos sharp girl, I beat down the taxi fare to a ridiculous amount and hopped in.

Free road on a Monday morning before 9am was a totally new concept for me. The rocks with graffiti so big but still looks like they are tethering, thick green forest was a welcome view in comparison to Lagos bumper to bumper traffic where you can have a long conversation with a commuter from another bus on the third mainland bridge. I was at my destination in less than half an hour and even the immigration office was scanty, please check out immigration office in Lagos even on a Friday. I met my family friends, exchanged hugs and kisses, chit chatted for a bit and hit the road in minutes. The ride home was such bliss, the road on the Central Business District where most of the head quarters are located was surprisingly free with such beautiful architectural masterpiece.

I also observed that the day got bright pretty early in Abuja usually by 6 a.m at the latest, birds were already  chirping away at this time. even nights in Abuja are extra peaceful and long. When I embarked on my official assignment the following day, everyone was so polite and in an almost languid state, there was no bureaucratic bottlenecks and I was done with my business earlier than I had estimated. On my way back, the vegetables from the local market were extra fresh and plump and I made a weird discovery. In Lagos, everyone knows and buys spring onions but all we actually get is the spring, In Abuja, I saw a spring attached to an onion attached to a root. #wow!!! so whatever happened to the onions in spring onions in Lagos???

When I returned to Lagos on Wednesday, well…. let’s just say even if I was wheeled out of the plane unconscious, my sub-conscious would have felt it that I was back to Lagos. Angry voices, aggressive cab drivers, people hurriedly walking past ready to shove you out of their path etc. I wonder how I was so unperturbed with all these before. I guess I did not feel the change as much when I returned from Abuja on my first visit because it was on a Sunday.

I was born and bred in Lagos and still reside in Lagos but this second visit to Abuja is seriously making me contemplate relocating. I mean who would not want longer nights, uncontaminated air, cheap taxis, plump vegetables, free roads, an actual spring onions as the name implies, people who don’t have an angry look on their faces or drivers ready to displace you from the road?#definitelynotme. Well, let’s see what curve ball life will throw my way.

Have a great weekend and visit Abuja sooner than later. With Love from Me to You. xoxoxo.




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