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So Embarrassing

Hey YOU, been awhile, I know…. I am Sorry. Meanwhile, YOU need to read my last post No Quickies In Parastatals It is a 2 in 1 post I am sure YOU will enjoy reading so what  are YOU waiting for??? Click on the link.

Today I am going to be throwing back to the year 2010, I was in my 2nd year in the University and something really embarrassing happened to me. Sit back, read, laugh and enjoy.

It was one of those general courses that every department in a faculty had to sit for. In my case, it was the whole of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences 200 level students going to the Faculty of Engineering to take SVY (can’t remember the full name of the course). Naturally, girls saved their best outfits and make up looks for this day because you would get to see literally everybody and new faces in other departments which made it ideal for hooking up and showing off and I was not left out of the saving the best outfit for SVY lecture days gang. PAUSE!!!!!

Let me tell you something else about me, I am a very shy person and will naturally NEVER walk up to or start a conversation with a guy I like. I would rather just allow circumstances bring us together. RESUME……..

So there was this effortlessly cool, mixed race, tall, weird named, sexy guy called Max (Fake name) but believe me when I say the name was sexy, just rolls out of your tongue. I digress. My selective memory can’t remember how Max and I started talking and exchanged numbers but one thing was certain, I had a huge crush on Max. It was this weird friendship of bad boy, good girl and I was always looking forward to SVY lecture days so I could sit with Max and talk about every thing and any thing. We always got the weird look and a certain girl even walked up to me and said *Tobi, I hope you know this guy is a bad boy and he has a girl friend whose name is …….. I even know the babe o so I am not lying* and I replied her nicely: Yes, thank you, I know, we are just friends* I did not bother to ask Max because he did not ask me out so it just was not necessary and it would have been intrusive.

From the onset, I knew that all Max and I would ever be were friends but for that moment, I enjoyed the heady feeling of being friends with a bad, confident, egocentric guy and grinned at the envious looks I received from other ladies. I did not tell Max I had a huge crush on him but I am sure he knew and just decided to enjoy the friendship till SVY lectures were over. There was this particular Tuesday I was on my way to fellowship and he helped me carry my hand bag all the way from Engineering block to Guest house without breaking a stride and absolutely oblivious of the looks from other students, I just melted and feel deeper for Max, such chivalry in Nigeria is bound to win any girl at that age over.

There was a certain day he reserved a seat for me in the usually jam-packed class and when I got to the seat, some guy had kept a book on the reserved seat and was trying to play smart and argue with Max, Max just flung the book to the next row, asked me to sit and we continued our conversation, ignoring the other guy until he cowered away. Oh boy……he was so confident, in control and that kept drawing me in deeper and deeper. I enjoyed every moment spent with Max because I knew this was not going to last forever, all we did was see on Tuesdays and no  plans were ever made to hang out outside of class. One day, Max gave me an assignment to find out what Te Amo meant, it means *I Love You* and when I found out the meaning, I was more confused than ever and giddy with excitement. I had so many questions; What did this mean, was Max in love with me, what about his girl friend etc. When I told him, he just said Good job. Nothing more *for real*. I was just a puppet and Max was the boss controlling things *story of my life* and at that time, I was fine being a puppet provided I stayed close to Max.

On another boring lecture day, Max and I were chit chatting and giggling in class and whenever the lecturer turned, we would hurriedly keep quiet and pretend to listen or write. I noticed the lecturer nabbing us before we could keep quiet but the gist was just too intriguing and we kept at it, this happened for a couple of times and then the lecturer turns and I quote:

Lecturer: What are your names

Max and I: Tobi Sir, Max

Lecturer: Tobi, this boy is going to drown and you think you can save him from drowning but both of you will end up drowning. So Tobi if you like be his Fatima and Max if you like be her Fatai. *resumes lecture*

This happened in a class of over 300 students, I was soooooo embarrassed and like you already assumed, Fatima became my name for a long time. That definitely did not stop Max and I from hanging out until SVY lectures were over and exams came.

As for Max and I, like most crushes go, my feelings started to gradually fade away and as abruptly as we became friends, we sank into oblivion and mutually stopped all communication without even realizing it but I enjoyed the giddy feeling while it lasted. We have bumped into each other several times and share a hug and pleasantries like old buddies and I mean this post is about him so we are definitely cool.

Thank YOU for taking out time to read and I hope you enjoyed this post, had a good laugh and can totally relate with having a crush. Please feel free to share, comment, subscribe, like but NO Plagiarism *stories of post thieves have been making the rounds*. With Love from Me to You. xoxoxo.


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