Buyers Beware (Caveat Emptor)

Hey People, apologies for not dropping a post yesterday. I have a really bad cold and I am still recovering but a blogger’s gotta do what a blogger’s gotta do. Thank YOU all for always reading and spreading the word. My stats are booming and the numbers don’t lie. YOU ALL ROCK.

If You have not read my last post, here is the link Chronicles of a Nigerian Daughter Enjoy.

Today I am going to be sharing a true life experience with you that will sound absolutely ridiculous but I kid you not people, it happened. Please read and buyer’s beware.

I have a dear friend who works in a company and has his own business on the side #hustlerspirit. He has quite a lot of business partners in the USA who ship in stuffs for him, mostly electronic gadgets, he sells the gadgets here in Nigeria and he seems to be doing pretty well. In the first week of August, one of his partners sent an apple laptop and a Samsung tab for my friend to sell and by the time he converted the value to Naira with the current exchange rate, he guided the goods with all diligence and begun aggressive marketing of the goods.

Finally, last week Friday, fortune smiled on him and he got a call from a prospective buyer to bring the laptop to him. On getting to the rendezvous, theย  prospective buyer insisted on opening the laptop and confirming it’s authenticity and my dear friend agreed but also insisted that he would only allow him open the laptop from the sealed wrapper provided the prospective buyer would buy the laptop. Don’t know about other parts of the world but in Nigeria, once the seal on a gadget is tampered with, the value drops because people assume it is no longer brand new.

So the prospective buyer starts un-wrapping the sealed laptop and when he finally gets to the laptop, lo and behold! it was two ceramic tiles, yeah, you heard me right. Two ceramic tiles, the type you use for your walls and floors. The part that ought to be the back of the laptop containing the battery was concealed with receipts and the front part was wrapped with a paper containing the apple logo. My friend and the prospective buyer were in total shock and re-checking if the laptop was magically concealed within the ceramic tiles. You know how you start searching frantically in odd places when you are confused about where exactly you kept something? Apparently, my dear friend’s business partner did not buy the laptop and tablet from authorized stores and did not bother opening the gadgets so as not to reduce the value.

And oooh!!!! the Samsung tablet was just two glass joined together. So much thought was put into executing this con, the laptop and tablet weighed the same kg that a mac laptop and tablet weighs #sighs.


  • Buy from an authorized distributor.
  • Confirm the package.
  • This scam occurred in the USA, so regardless of where you buy from, confirm the package. There are thieves in every country so always be at alert.





See how well packaged they are??? BUYER’S BEWARE

Thank YOU all for taking out time to read. Please keep sharing the word and don’t forget to like, drop your own experiences in the comment section and subscribe. With Love from Me to You. xoxoxo.



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