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My Ebola Scare

Hey people, how are YOU doing (In Wendy Williams voice?) If YOU have not read my last post, what are YOU waiting for? Please I do not want YOU to be a scam victim, here is the link Buyers Beware (Caveat Emptor) Enjoy.

So I am throwing back to 2014 when I had an Ebola scare. Enjoy.

When the Ebola epidemic broke out in Nigeria and was at its peak, I was living a protected life in the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) camp in Ipaja, Lagos state. Exits were hardly granted to corp members to leave the camp and those coming into camp were tested for their body temperature before entry into the camp ground. When my platoon was on duty and I was posted to security at the main entry gate to the camp ground, I was given two gloves to wear and warned sternly to make contact with those I was searching as minimal as possible, that was my most personal encounter with the outside world at that time. All I heard were stories making the rounds on the internet but not a first hand experience when the chaos was at its peak.

After three weeks of camp, the Ebola epidemic was not as much of a threat as when I was still in camp so I was not too terrified stepping out and bumping into lots of people everyday. I resumed work at my Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) in Lagos and continued living life and maintaining personal hygiene.

On a particular work day, I had to run so many errands under the blazing sun, the places I had to make stops were all in close proximity to my office so there was no need taking a cab. I under estimated how blazing the sun was on that day and by the time I had made four stops, I was already tired and dehydrated. I was heading to my last stop which was the bank in more languid state and when I got there, the security guy was with a digital thermometer checking customer’s temperature to make sure it was not higher than 35 degrees before entering the bank and there was another queue with a tap and hand sanitizer just to maintain personal hygiene. I walked briskly to the security guy and he placed the thermometer close to my fore-head. Tick! Tock!! Tick!!! Tock!!! Dinggg!!!!! My body temperature was 38 degrees. PAUSE!!!!!

Let me tell you something else about me, my body is usually hotter than an average person and whenever I am cold, my body gets hotter but my hands and feet remain very cold. RESUME……..

The following ensued between the security guy and I:

Security guy: Ahhhh!!!! Madam, your temperature is too high o

Me: *I was repeating to my self, Tobi stay calm, relax, if you panic they’ll think you are infected, I knew why my temperature was high and I just had to explain in a calm civilized manner* Oga I have been moving around for the past 30 minutes under this hot sun that is why my temperature is high.

Security Guy: Ahhhhh, nawa o. Me I don’t understand o.

Me: *I steadied my breath and leaned on the cold wall to reduce my body temperature* Oga check again.

Security Guy: *checks my temperature* Tick!Tock!!Tick!!!Tock!!! My temperature had reduced to 35 degrees.

Me: *whew* Ok, so can I go in now?

Security Guy: Yes Madam, Just doing my job, welcome to the bank.

Me: No problem, I understand. Thank You.

I knew I was not infected for sure,ย  but I won’t even lie, I panicked a bit. Until Nigeria was declared free of Ebola, whenever I was entering into a place where our temperatures would be checked, I would always relax and pretend to be on my phone for a bit so as to normalize my temperature before getting checked.

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Have a Fab-U-Lous weekend. With Love from Me to You. xoxoxo.


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