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Craziest 24 hours of My Life

I was stunned, I started to panic, my parents kept calling incessantly, where am I going to sleep? am I going to be safe? What Now????

Hey people, this is for your reading pleasure, Enjoy.

Monday is termed crazy almost everywhere in the world and mine took on a whole new level of crazy on Monday. I had to travel to my beloved city of Abuja to submit a proposal and wait for the bid opening which usually takes awhile, so I booked myself on the first flight by 7am and last flight by 7pm which was later postponed to 7:50pm, I booked myself on the last flight because I did not know what time the bid opening would end but I figured latest 6 it would be over and I would be able to get to the airport right on time for my flight *after all I am in Abuja, where the road is always free*. The bid opening wasn’t slated to start till 12pm but I knew first flights were hardly cancelled or delayed so I woke up early and headed to the airport.

When I got to the airport, it was already crowded as usual. I joined the queue, checked in and a quarter past 7, we boarded. After the usual trying to locate seats, flight rules, making sure the over heard luggage compartments were properly locked, we taxied on the runway and were cruising. We landed safely to the beautiful city of Abuja and I headed to Wuse zone 5. I submitted the bid and had to wait for 2hrs 30 minutes before the opening would commence. I knew I was going to wait that long already so I was pretty prepared with a book and another e-book titled The Fourth Finger by Sally Kenneth Dadzie. I was reading my book and glancing up at passers-by occasionally.

Finally, it was time for the bid opening, I made my way to the hall and we were at it for the next 3 hours. Bid openings are so boring so I won’t bore you with the details. Surprisingly, we finished way earlier than the time I anticipated so I was left with almost 5 hours to gallivant. I made my way to the building’s restaurant, had a sumptuous weird meal of moi-moi (bean cake), plantain and beef. I was done with my meal in 20 minutes but I remained seated till 4pm. I left the building and hailed a taxi to the airport, I got to the airport by 4:30 *whew!!!what was I going to be doing till 7:50?* I walked to the ticketing counter and tried to move my flight to 6:10pm but the customer care attendant said I had to pay an absolutely ridiculous amount so I declined, checked in and got myself a comfortable seat.

Tensions were high in the waiting lounge, Arik airline had cancelled 6 flights without prior notice and no tangible explanation*I wonder why they are still functioning*. I was sight-seeing and waiting for my flight to be called and by 7:30, they announced my flight had been moved to 9:20 pm. That meant I would be getting to Lagos around 10:30 pm, I had to call my parents and let them know *my mum just kept on freaking out and almost blaming me for the flight delay, lol, please is it my fault?* At this time, a protest had started in the lounge and Arik passengers were blocking the gates, preventing other airline passengers from going to the terminal, shoving security men and shouting. I was just praying silently for my flight not to be cancelled because I had made no hotel bookings or plans to sleep at a friend’s place.

Finally 9:20pm arrived and no boarding announcements were made, people started to call family and friends in Abuja for a place to spend the night,ย I was stunned, I started to panic, my parents started calling incessantly, where was I going to sleep? was I going to be safe? What Now???? but the airline officials assured us our plane was coming, I was pacing back and forth and an elderly man approached me and said

Elderly Man: Young lady, where are you going to in Lagos?

Me: I am going to Ikeja Sir

Elderly Man: Don’t worry, my driver is coming to pick me, I will drop you at home, I stay in Magodo so it is not too far from your place.

Me: Ok sir, thank you and God bless.

Confession time: I called my parents and lied to them that I met an old friend who offered to drop me because they would never allow me take a ride with a stranger. I knew he was a good Samaritan and safer than some thieves who disguise as taxi drivers so I took the risk.

Finally by 10pm, boarding announcements were made and people sluggishly joined the queue, before everyone was seated on the plane, the air hostesses were already making their usual announcements. Almost everybody in the plane was asleep after take off and only woke up briefly to get the refreshments. I slept off too and when we were about landing in Lagos, the pilot announced we would be landing in the International landing terminal and would have to taxi on the runway for about 10 minutes to get to the domestic terminal. By past 11p.m, we finally exited the plane and I followed the good Samaritan to his car, by a quarter to 12, he dropped me off at my estate gate and I walked home completely sated and was out cold within minutes of hitting my bed. Not the kind of day I hoped for.

On a brighter note, the view of Lagos at night from a plane is absolutely breath-taking, it is like this unending trail of Christmas light *beautiful*. And at a quarter to 12, the suya man was still selling suya *Lagos, the city that never sleeps*.


10 thoughts on “Craziest 24 hours of My Life

  1. Your blog is very interesting. I appreciate the way you make your personal experiences interesting and enjoyable to the read. Go girl God gat you.


  2. Tobi Maguire *naija version you amaze me. Such an interesting read. Your stories kept me entertained till 12am. I’m so proud of you never knew you were this skilled. Keep them coming!


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