About the Weekend

Hey People, apologies for not dropping a post for the weekend on Friday. I hope YOU are having a good week and armed with your umbrella if you live in Lagos? Rainy days have arrived albeit late.

Today, I will be sharing the most fun and informative weekend I had with YOU. Enjoy.

If YOU have not heard about Vera Ezimora, owner of the renowned blog  then #sighs. YOU need to visit the blog, don’t take my word for it, thank me later. Anyways, let me fill you in briefly, she is a Russian born Nigerian based in the US. She has been blogging for 10 years and after 16 years away from Nigeria, she decided to come to Nigeria and have a meet and greet with her sweet potatoes*readers and subscribers* and I need not tell you I was definitely in Grills in and out, Lekki Phase 1 for the meet and greet. The devil tried to make me miss the meet and greet from my alarm misbehaving to trying to locate the venue for about 30 minutes but I thrived and got to the venue in one piece.

Vera is very dear to my heart and I am grateful to my dear friend Murphy who sent me the link to her blog some time in April. I always loved English language in secondary school and a aced the Essay writing but it never occurred to me to start a blog and I did not even know there was something called a blog back then. Friends always told me I had a way with words, good with imitation and never seemed to forget any happenings no matter how long ago it occurred but I did not think too much of the compliments. When I read the post on verastic that Murphy sent to me, the puzzles in my head started fitting together, immediately I knew that it was high time I started blogging and what I wanted my blog to be about. There was this icon on her page’s side bar saying *you too can start your own blog today, I clicked on it and here we are, 3 months and forever*I hope* to go. Verastic gave me perspective and nudged me in the right path and for that, I will always be grateful.

I was the third sweet potatoe to  arrive at the venue and I just had to giggle and hug the tenacious and talented Vera. Her daughter is the cutest thing ever and her Mum is such a yummy mummy.

Confession time: I have never really had a girls hang-out before where we just talk over drinks and snacks so this was new for me and I was definitely enjoying it. Trust me I had questions for Verastic.

Over small chops and drinks, introductions were made and I was privileged to meet beautiful young ladies including Chioma of and Lilian Ifemeludike who wrote a whole book in french. We shared our views about the on-goings in Nigeria and the world, how each of us stumbled across her blog, our online aliases we commented with on the blog. Vera talked about her experience so far in Nigeria, how she started blogging, the things on her to-do list while she was in Nigeria and her experiences of a decade in blogging. And then the cupcakes arrived.IMG-20160903-WA001 My verastic cupcake and I, my bag with all its content trying to embarrass itself, the paparazzi, lilian on denim and a beautician. As soon as I get the professional pictures, I will upload them here.

Here are three major things I learnt from the blogger extraordinaire and as I got it for FREE, let me share it with YOU all for free. If you have a blog, want to have a blog in future or you own your own brand, make sure you do these three things

  1. Stay true to yourself. Carve your own niche and work on your content regularly. If you don’t stay true to yourself, then you’ll probably have struggles keeping up.*I mean, how long can you fake it.*
  2. Be patient, as you are growing and evolving, so will your blog grow and evolve.
  3. Make sure you have the same name across all social media. e.g TheTobislim on twitter,  thetobislim on Instagram, TheTobislim on Facebook etc.
  4. Have a visible contact page. I am sure by looking at my blog today, you can tell I have put what I learnt to practice.

Then we talked some more, took group pictures, selfies and it was time to leave *sadface*. She walked me downstairs *awwww*, more hugs and I could not stop thanking her for the opportunity.

Needless to say, I am still basking in the euphoria of Saturday’s verastic meet and greet.

With Love from Me to You. xoxoxo.






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