Life Lessons

I had to let go….

After over two decades on planet earth, I have learnt to not take things too seriously, let go quickly and live every moment. You know what they say *You Only Live Once*. So I had to learn to relax, breath and look the other way *sometimes*.

This one is for YOU. For having an amazing or not so amazing week and for an amazing weekend for sure.

When I was a teenager up until a few years back, I was all for having conversations about all the issues with my friends, family or boyfriend. I could not wrap my head around the concept of letting sleeping dogs lie or sweeping issues under the carpet. No matter how awkward the conversation would get, I made sure I dissected every bit of the issue. I was also very quick to judge and condemn*as na me write the book of judges, Tobi, the assistant Jesus* others. I knew what was right and wrong, and I absolutely refused to make an excuse for anyone that chose the wrong path *chief judge*. I once stopped talking to a lady because she had offended so many people but not me so when I stopped greeting her, I got the questioning look from her for a while*lol, how childish*.

Fast forward to this year, I have observed some things are better left unsaid, some pings,texts,display pictures are better ignored, its ok to walk away, cool off, rationalize and it is okay to feign ignorance occasionally. Now, when I re-unite with some old friends, they have often described me as: Tobi, back then, you were so rigid, domineering, an atomic bomb waiting to explode at the slightest opportunity and the likes *lol*. In my defense, I was very young but well advanced academically and in communicating with people so most of them forgot my age and when the teenage hormonal Tobi reared its head, it threw them off-balance.

Recently, I have had some experiences that would have triggered a thorough conversation, but I am glad I let go, allowed the awkwardness pass, and re-united like it never happened. I don’t regret this new me neither have I compromised on my value systems but I have just learnt to make a million and one excuses for people, put a reign on my emotions and fake a smile till it became real. Believe me, it works.

Don’t get me wrong, this new behavior does not mean I am now stupid and will tolerate all and sundry. It just means I have adopted a more *classy, no I am not mad demeanor* typical Snap chat and Instagram style. I am a work in progress.

After over two decades on planet earth, I have learnt to not take things too seriously, let go easily, forgive quickly, look the other way, feign ignorance, be a silent support system,ย  give everything and have no regrets. Life’s too short to carry emotions on my head like gala.

To my old friends, accept my apologies. To present friends, you are getting the better part of me. to future friends, I love you too. To YOU, thank you for reading. Please share, connect with me on social media, like, subscribe, follow. xoxoxo.




4 thoughts on “I had to let go….

  1. Awwww!!!! Now you’re gonna make me cryyyy……It is such an honour and privilege to be associated with you too. #giving you our lady gaga signature move. Thank YOU soooo much for always reading,commenting n encouraging me.xoxoxo.


  2. Looool! @on my head like gala. You are a rare and exceptionally wonderful person, Tobi. I’m glad I know you.


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