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I marched to my bed with as much anger as I could muster and flung myself on the bed. I was panting and fuming, I felt so betrayed and then I started to shake viciously, I heard my sister scream and call out to my parents but I could not bring myself to say anything……..and then I blacked out.

Hello Beautiful people, apologies for going MIA but my week hasn’t been as structured as I planned so I am just going with the flow and you know I would definitely make out time to blog right?. Here’s one for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

Today, I will be doing a throwback of when I was 8 years old on a Friday night, I really did not like solid African foods like (Eba, Amala, Semo, Pounded Yam), I still don’t but I have to eat it occasionally. My favorite food was boiled egg and tea, it gave me such bliss to bite into an egg, I also liked cereals, biscuits, gala, MILK, noodles, rice, basically snacks. On some nights, I would request for *my meat for the night* and not touch the solid food given to me. As the last child, I had that privilege, nobody would spank me. *No, I am not spoilt*

Till I got into boarding school, I would sleep on the bed with my mum, I hated sleeping alone in my room because my siblings were off to boarding school and I was scared of the buggy man. My dad would refuse me sleeping in the room but once he was asleep, I would crawl into the bed and hide behind my mum, my dad would wake up and be surprised *who cares? I slept safe and sound behind my mum and it was going to keep repeating itself with the unwavering cooperation of my mum* Maybe that’s why I have no younger ones *lol, buzz killer*

Sometime that year, my eldest sister was back from school from some sort of holiday, she was in the room alone and I was in the living room with my parents while they had dinner. I was preparing to go and take my position on my parents bed and my mum blatantly said *NO, Tobi, you are sleeping in your room tonight, at first, I thought she was bluffing but she remained adamant.

I marched to my bed with as much anger as I could muster and flung myself on the bed. I was panting and fuming, I felt so betrayed by my mum, she had left me hanging and then I started to shake visibly, I heard my sister scream and call out to my parents but I could not bring myself to say or do anything. I could not control the way I was shaking and then I blacked out.

I think I woke up briefly while my mum was opening the gate for my dad to drive out of the house with me at the back seat but I blacked out again. The next time I woke up, I was in a strange room with a drip attached to my arm and my mum sitting by my bedside. I was a little disoriented for a while and was wondering who abducted my mum and i but she brought me up to speed. Apparently, the doctor said I fainted because I was not eating well enough; I needed some carbohydrates in my system. My beloved boiled egg and tea, snacks etc. was no longer enough for my body and I needed to upgrade to the solids.

The next day*Saturday* when the doctor came to see me, after pleasantries were exchanged and warnings to start eating solids was painstakingly repeated, I asked him;

Me: Doctor, is this the only white cloth you have? By white cloth I meant lab coat.

Doctor: No Tobi, I have a few more at home.

Me: Ok good, because this one is already dirty.

*sighs* For real??? The man just saved my life, Doctor, wherever you are, accept my apologies.

I was discharged in the afternoon of Saturday and I went back home with lots of solid food waiting for me. I hated solids so much, I would be sad whenever it was on the menu but as young as I was, I valued life and knew I did not want to die and so I ate away *a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do*. Little did I know I would crave this luxury of food when I moved to a boarding school *series for another time, anticipate.*

With Love from Me to YOU. xoxoxo.


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