Boarding School Series

Hello People, Yes I know I have been MIA, my schedule isn’t as structured as I expected this week but not to worry. From October, I will resume to my more organized day to day schedule and MAY even find time to post more than once a week. Can I get an Amen???

It is with giddy excitement I bring you a new series that I have been talking about. The Boarding School Series. By way of announcement, my parents are all for boarding school and even staying on campus in the university. My three siblings ahead of me did it, I had no choice, the pattern had been set before I was born.

I attended Command Secondary School, Ipaja, Lagos. Take my word for it when I tell you that I had a lot of experiences spanning six years that I will LOVE to share with YOU and I’m sure the experiences will definitely give you all sort of feelings. I will be writing each post as it happened and the emotions I felt the year it happened so please note that even if my writing expresses love, admiration, anguish or hatred for a particular person, those feelings are long gone, changed or have faded with time. They were just the feelings of the pre-teen and teenage Tobi.

For my non-Nigerian readers, In Nigeria, secondary school or high school takes six years. Three years in Junior secondary school (JSS1, JSS2 & JSS3) and three years in Senior secondary school (SS1, SS2, & SS3). Each class had three terms: first, second and third term so that made it a total of eighteen terms.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting this series and other stories *as the spirit leads, lol* I hope YOU enjoy this series and PLEASE like, share your opinions in the comment section and follow to never miss a post.

Big Shout Out to my new followers, I see YOU. xoxoxo.



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