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Irony of Life

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When I moved from junior secondary school to senior secondary school, I was placed in the commercial class as a result of my junior WAEC result, I was so sad because all my friends were in science class and the science class was deemed to be the class for the best and brightest. I kept on parading the admin offices for change of class and sitting in science class because I wanted to remain in the clique and I was very sure that I wanted to be a Medical Doctor. Finally one day,

I bumped into my Yoruba language teacher who just liked me because we attended the same church but not branch at home, he used his influence as a teacher to hasten the process and I was moved to science class and back to my medical dreams and clique.

Needless to say, I blended in seamlessly into the science class and whenever I had a problem with a subject, it was due to my unseriousness and not because I was not smart enough. I passed all my subjects in senior WAEC and I was warming up for medical life in the University. My parents decided that medicine was not profitable in Nigeria and real estate was way better so the decision was made, I was going to study Estate Management in the University.

I breezed through school, finished with a good grade to get me a decent job and shortly after graduation, I started working in an estate firm. Fast forward to this month and I had a total career change, guess the field I am in right now………..You guessed right and if you are not sure your guess is right, leave a comment and I will let you know. Ooooh, I am loving all shades of this new career.

In life, even if you go round and round, life or destiny has a way of bringing you back to where you ought to be. You may find yourself in different fields but enjoy the moment, get the experience, don’t focus on other people’s pace and learn as much as you can. Personally, there is also a God factor, who pulls you back to where you ought to be and gives you discernment to realize the opportunities you should take.

When you are meant to be somewhere or do/be something, even when you give up, you actually do not give up because you really don’t have the right to quit *the still small voice keeps telling you if only,try harder,keep pushing……* Enjoy and learn from the moment but don’t lose hope of what the future holds and start making efforts to make that dream a reality.

P.S: I have not forgotten about Boarding School Series but the *spirit* hasn’t led me to it and I can only give you my best when I follow the *spirit*.


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