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This post is dedicated to Thank You. This is part of  my Boarding School Series

I resumed finally(later than my mates) with my shaved head, box, buckets, uniforms provided by the school into Tiger house, excited and eager to see everything. I was taken to my dormitory and the thing about boarding school is; if you don’t have a school mother or senior to take you in, then you will end up in the middle of the dormitory. So that was where I found myself. I was not bothered, I did not know if it had more pros than cons. I was just excited to be in boarding school. If only I had known what I was getting into. I lived everyday in my little bed, not worrying about the next day, happy and content. I did not know that I ought to wash my cloths myself, I thought someone would come pick it up during the weekend*lol*. I resumed into J.S.S 1 Emerald and started making friends. My best friend was Chidiebere Nwangwu (still a dear friend of mine) and I genuinely enjoyed the times spent in class. On a fateful afternoon, after the compulsory afternoon prep, I was walking back to the dormitory when a J.S.S 2 girl also from Tiger house ran to me and pitched her rehearsed line perfectly.

Hello Tobi, my name is Olamide, I know you don’t have a school mother so I want you to be my school sister. My school mother’s name is Edith and she is very nice, she has a huge reputation and she will take good care of you. If you remain in the middle of the dormitory, you will suffer, seniors will keep sending you on errands, they will take all your provisions and whenever black man(thief) comes to the hostel, it is your books he will steal first. Senior Edith’s corner/space is at the back so you will be very secure.

I heaved a sigh and told her that I would give it some thoughts and get back to her. I completely forgot about the whole conversation and kept on floating unnoticed in the school. A few days later, after the night prep, I walked into my middle of dormitory corner and lo and behold, all my belongings, as in ALL of my belongings were GONE………….


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