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This is part of my Boarding School Series

I have had a great week, highs and lows, discoveries, learning etc. I hope your week has been great too? cheers to the weekend.

A few days later, after the night prep, I walked into my middle of dormitory corner and lo and behold, all my belongings, as in ALL of my belongings were GONE, I started panicking and wondering if I was at the right place *you know how you get really confused when you are searching for something?* I was looking under the bed, searching in the air and wondering what went wrong. Then this senior walks up to me and says

Tobi, senior Edith’s school daughter has come to pack your load, she said you are now her school daughter. *when did I agree to this? did Olamide convey the wrong message? I walked to senior Edith’s corner with uncertain steps, why was she so adamant to be my school mother? I entered the corner with unsure steps and I met my 2 school sisters and apparently I was going to have two school mothers, senior Edith and senior Uche.

I was warmly welcomed, my cloths were ironed, my locker had been arranged with all my belongings except my provisions which was in senior Edith’s locker. I had a fellow JSS 1 school sister, Lucy *amazing girl, still one of my good friends*. The next morning, Olamide woke me up with my bath water, I did not have to go out for morning devotion or chores, I had garri, sugar, milk, groundnut for breakfast. That morning, I wore a crisp uniform for the first time since my resumption and senior Uche added some powder and lip gloss to my face, I was walking on sunshine.

Life was good, I got introduced to senior Edith’s boyfriend, Lucy and I were doing everything together, Olamide was there to guide us through new terrains. Every night prep, I would walk hand in hand with senior Uche and no senior would dare talk to me. Fast forward to a week later and doomsday began…………..

P.S I know my posts have been short but I have been super busy, I will try to make it up to YOU. xoxoxo.


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