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Doom’s Day Began

Been trying to publish this post since 9:00am today but the network is really upset with me. Before I dive into today’s story, let me talk about what’s trending. Donald Trump is the new president, *whew*, seemed like a joke when he started his campaign. I am more in shock by Americans than hurt that he won this election. Try as I might, I have tried to curse him but I can’t seem to channel enough anger or energy and I remember the bible passage Romans 13:1-7. So, it is what it is. God remains King, earth continues to rotate and God bless America. In other news,

this is part of my Boarding School Series If you missed the last post, here it is Newbie. For about a week, life was good, I followed either senior Edith or senior Uche to class and Olamide pretty much did everything. After a week, things began to change gradually, senior Edith’s patience was wearing thin, she would tell me to pack her books for the week and of course I would goof. How did she expect me to understand what notes were physics, chemistry, biology when she even had like 3 of them?

After night prep, I had to sprint to the hostel to fetch water for my school mothers and no matter the forces of nature, I must get that water. My provisions that was arranged in her locker became restricted to me and Lucy and I had been restricted to garri and sugar strictly and better stuffs occasionally depending on senior Edith’s mood. She would get easily irritated, give us money to buy stuffs for her during break, woe betide you if you don’t get the snacks or if you are caught by a soldier in senior’s class area. We just had to find a way to answer to her every beck and call.

Class room became my sweet escape and I became so exhausted from waking my school mother’s up, carrying their bath water to the back corridor, going to pick up the empty buckets, preparing their breakfast, packing their books, cleaning and waxing their shoes, ironing their cloths, laying their beds. Lucy and I became house maids, I would sleep off during classes from all the stress I was going through.

On visiting days, seeing my parents was such a rush of joy, I would make sure I ate some of the food because whatever I took to the hostel would be gobbled down  by my school mothers and I would do the dishes afterwards, even my provisions was automatically arranged in senior Edith’s locker. When my parents were leaving after visiting day, I would try so hard not to cry. I was transitioning from being loved and attended to at home to this hard life in boarding school.

And you know the thing about being the last child, my siblings had gone through the same hard stuffs and my parents had built a tough skin. I was not going to leave CSSL and start attending some other school closer to home, I was to follow through to the very end. After 2 months, I became sick and had to go home, I was so happy to be sick and wanted to remain sick forever but my body betrayed me and I got better.

When it was time to go, I sat at the back of the car, feeling so depressed and betrayed by my parents, why would they send me to such hell hole? I saw the school gate and I felt a fresh wave of nausea all over me.



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