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Where are The True Friends???

Hello lovelies, trust YOU are good and getting in the spirit of Christmas? Here is wishing you Happy Holidays………

I know I have barely been posting stuffs but honestly, it is not my fault. I have been unbelievably busy all week and weekends, I get home really late and this week I broke the record of the time I got home in craziest 24 hours of my life and got home at 1:05am, you heard read me right, thank God for Uber and I had to be up really early again the next same day for work. It is going to get busier but wish me well. I really apologize for my MIA and assure you that I won’t go off the radar on you all. Every time I can write something, I will write something good just for YOU. Thank YOU for always reading.

Now that that’s taken care of and I hope you have forgiven me *puppy face*, let’s get down to today’s business now, shall we? I once knew someone whose name I will call Lauren for the purpose of this post. I understand that it is your life and you can decide to have a complete 360 change of all your mannerisms because You only live once, you are an adult and can do whatever you want blah blah blah but isn’t there a line to this complete change? Well except you work for the government and your life depends on keeping up that charade*Quantico and Ryan booth fan*

I thought I was the only one that could spot that Lauren was a fake from a mile away from the very first day we met; little did I know she was so obvious and every one could see right through her. For starters, considering Lauren’s background, there is no way in hades she could have gotten the fake accent, and if you want to fake an accent, don’t you think you owe it to yourself to do an amazing spot-on accent? Lauren was always so soft, low-toned, fake accent never wavering and flat-lined. A woman can never always be flat-lined, it is only normal to sometimes have a pulse and hear or say things that will keep your pulse undulating *I guess I have not given up on my medical dreams, lol* and everyone just kept listening and did not say a word.

Then came Lauren’s numerous lies, the best description for this would be; Lauren became an effortless liar, even when the spot light was not on her, she would chip in those absolutely ridiculous lies and you know what they say about lies, It takes 100 lies to cover 1lie and the tales kept on getting mixed up. I mean, those lies were so ridiculous and outright unnecessary but she could not help herself. She once told me a lie and because of my lack of knowledge in that field, I was gullible enough to belief at that time, I got interacting with knowledgeable people in that field and everyone I have shared that lie with have equally been shocked. I still can’t believe I fell for that tale. Still everyone kept listening and did not caution Lauren to drop the facade.

Lauren has kept up this charade and it has made me wonder where are true friends are. I know a few people who have known her longer, claimed to be her true ride or die friends and they just listen and don’t say a word to her. Do true friends still exist or people just like being lied to? It would absolutely break my heart to know I was doing something ridiculous and my alleged friends did not caution me. I know some of you would say; Oh No, they probably don’t want to hurt her feelings but I beg to defer.

Times without number, people around me tell me I am so blunt but they still have not left my side, for me real friends are there to tell you what everyone else is too afraid to say to your face but are snickering at your back and waiting for the day it will explode in your face. I am the go to girl for honest straight to the point conversations and this has made me have few but real friends who come to me when they need the real talk. I would pick quality friends over quantity any day *It would even save me the stress of bridesmaid drama when the time comes. lol* .

I do not have a problem with a fresh start and new persona, but you owe it to yourself to do a thorough due diligence as regards the new person you want to be and surround yourself with good friends who are there to tell you as it is and correct your errors. If you want someone who would lie to your face then oh well…. But if you want to occasionally have honest, healthy conversations then feel free to reach me here Contact.

Stay true to yourself, be YOU, don’t change for anybody, only make positive healthy change about yourself because you want to be a better version of YOU for YOU and not because you want to impress people that really do not care. Bea-U-tiful.

With love from me to You and all Laurens out there. Xoxoxo.



8 thoughts on “Where are The True Friends???

  1. I have a friend just like Lauren. It would be nice fo rthem to hook up lets see who will come out tops! Lol


  2. Nice post.. I can count my friend on one of my palm and they are the most honest people i know.Glad to have em especially my bestest bukky,trust her to tell me how it is even if i’ll cry.


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