Life in Nigeria · Personal experiences


It was past 5am in the morning, I was trying to make an honest living, trying to meet deadlines, working hard in my youth so I can rest in my old age and my children can enjoy some luxuries I did not get to enjoy. I was on my way to catch a bus heading to my office and walking hurriedly yet consciously of half asleep, drunken motorists. As I was almost at the bus park, I walked pass this keke napep*tricycle* who was having an argument with the agbero*tout*about a meagre 50 naira or 100 naira at the most. I kept on walking towards the now visible bus park and suddenly I was shoved so hard from behind, I jolted so hard and almost landed on all fours.

This keke napep hit me because of less than a dollar, swerved and just zoomed off. I screamed Jesus and struggled to regain my balance. I was rooted to the spot for seconds because I was so shocked, I could not even yell at the driver. How wicked can one be? Am I the cause of his misfortune? Who hurt him? He even had passengers in the keke napep. He hit me like I was just a log of wood on the road and could not even stretch his hand while driving away to apologize.

I am upset with Humanity.


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