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A little Caution this Yuletide Season and Loads of Love.

My longest title ever right??? *lol*. Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way……………….. How is Christmas going for YOU? If you are a Nigerian based reader, eeeerm oh well *sighs*, WE will be fine. For my other readers, how is Christmas looking like in your side of the world??? If there is one thing to be thankful for, we are alive, reading this very post so glory to God *wink*.

Not to dampen your Christmas spirit but let me tell you the scariest thing that happened to me on Thursday. My colleagues and I left work later that usual, say 8:30p.m and because google map was showing that almost everywhere was blocked, we decided to take an alternative route instead of our normal route. The road from Costain to Ojuelegba was pretty blocked and while I was enjoying the scenery, the natural air not A.C on my face and chit chatting with my three colleagues in the car, I remembered another colleague of mine who had been robbed around this area of Lagos mainland so I shoved my bag deeper into the floor of the car, stopped fiddling with my phone and kept it under my thighs *lol*.

We were on the last lane and from the opposite side of the road, there was this young guy on a motor cycle, talking loud and pointing to our car; with the never-ending honking and bus engine noises, I could not make out what he was saying or why he was pointing to our car. I looked ahead and saw this other guy walking towards my colleague’s car and I exclaimed *Is this not a Thief* PAUSE…… I had no idea I said this until later that evening when my colleagues said I did.

RESUME……Immediately I said that, my colleague in front immediately dropped her phone and started winding up the car windows, then the guy gets to our car with something that looked like a gun. PAUSE…..At that moment, I knew it was not a gun because he concealed the body of the supposed gun so well and all we could see was something that looked like the barrel of a gun but fear/shock had taken over me and I became frozen on my seat. Then the guy points to my colleague who was driving and started saying *march brake, march brake*, for my non-Nigerian readers, march in this context meant apply or use.

My colleague didn’t apply the brake, and then the other guy on the motor cycle started pointing ahead of us and saying something I could not make out yet again, then this guy pointing the gun suddenly runs to the opposite side of the road, mounts the bike and they sped off. Seconds later, a couple of young men ran past our car in a bid to chase them but there was no way they could be caught at that speed. And then the shock broke and my colleagues and I started talking all at the same time.

Apparently, the duo had tried to rob a car ahead of us and hit the driver on the head with the gun; he had created awareness and stopped the duo from robbing us or causing considerable damage to the car. The awareness the victim ahead of us caused was what made the thief run off after a few seconds of approaching our car. It was a close call but thank God we escaped unscathed.

On a brighter note, there are still good people in the world, on Wednesday, my colleague forgot her wallet in a tricycle and the kind-hearted driver called her and returned the wallet to her, all her money and cards were intact and the driver refused to accept a thank you gift until she insisted and remained adamant. All hope in humanity is far from lost, we won’t let a few bad people win and be the definition of what humanity is. Show love this season.

Here is wishing all of YOU in over 15 countries who read my blog a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

With Love from Me to You this season. XOXOXO.


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