Personal experiences

Few Weird Stuffs About Me

Hey YOU, I AM BACK…..Can I get a whoop whoop. If I haven’t wished YOU a happy new year, then here’s wishing YOU a happy, prosperous, healthy, adventurous new year.

I have a couple of funny things that I do/am that makes we really weird so my gift to you this new year is to share it with you and hopefully find some of my fellow weird people out there.

  • Every time I eat something, I start

sniffing while I am eating. Even if the food is not spicy, I still end up sniffing and reaching for a serviette except its cereals or biscuits but if it’s cooked then I will be sniffing.

  • When I take a bath, I have to clean off my body immediately otherwise my legs start to really itch. When I am also standing in a dirty or wet floor, I start itching too. Guess all those let the water get dry on your body is not for me.
  • I hardly ever break a sweat, no matter what I am doing, even if I am walking under the hot sun, I won’t break a sweat but I might start to feel dizzy and see stars *lol* and that’s cue to start walking and breathing slowly.
  • I walk so fast, as if I am always rushing somewhere. A friend once told me I walk too fast and can’t notice the admirers stealing glances at me*awwww*. When it’s time, I will learn to take leisure walks down the beach with my husband.
  • When I am in a really cold place and by cold place I mean a place where the air conditioner is on full blast, my hands and feet become very cold but other parts of my body remain warm, warmer than normal. *how weird*
  • I absolutely cannot stand the sound of a dripping tap, it drives me nut. The sound of a dripping tap can wake me up from a dead slumber and I have spoiled a couple of taps by repeatedly twisting it just to stop the dripping.
  • When I lock a door, I always still turn the knob to be sure it’s locked, I do the same with a padlock and even after scrambling the lock on my PC. My colleague says I am weird but oh well…………..*shrugs*
  • I have a keen sense of smell. I can literally smell stuffs from a mile away. No matter how you muffle the smell, I will still get a whiff of whatever it is.
  • Unexpected stuffs make me laugh, I would hardly laugh at a comedy show but regular stuffs I see everyday crack me up. I guess the expectation to laugh is what stops me from laughing but the unexpected gets me in stitches.

Weird isn’t it? So do I have any twin out there? Share your own weird stuffs with me in the comment session and let’s all have a good laugh. xoxoxo.



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