Life Lessons · Personal experiences


I have a very weird gift or talent so to speak; I can look at a couple, parents and their kids, siblings, friends and tell if they are faking the love and just putting up a show. I predicted a lot of celebrity breakups long before it happened and the razzmatazz never fooled me but some breakups still left me gobsmacked.

A dear friend of mine recently ended a three year relationship and from the onset I knew it was not going to work out, this time around, I didn’t take the back seat and sip coffee like kermit, I told him it was not going to work, the signs were all there, the fear and uncertainties too and I told him to step out of the bubble really quickly to avoid a messier breakup in future but I am sure you know how intoxicating love can be and my dear friend did not listen *oh well, we have all been there*. Fast forward to now, the relationship has come to a sad end and I can’t help but say “I told you so”.

*In Keke Palmers Voice*But the gag is, my gift/ talent does not work for me.


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