Life Lessons · Musings

……Pursuit of Happiness

The irony of life is you never stop thinking or wishing. You think if you get this, then you will be happy for life and if you leave this, your worries will be over.
I know a young happy trendy lady who thought the puzzle to finding her happiness is getting married, she has turned into a bitter,old,too frugal person.
I know a guy who thought getting a masters abroad would be the beginning of greater things but three years after returning to Nigeria, he still can’t secure a job.
I know a girl who thought getting deflowered by her boyfriend will cement their love forever. She was just a rebound.
I know a girl who has a very good, stable job but still spends her night imaging what it would be like to live a life of spontaneity, touring the world.
I know a guy who moved to Lagos, in the hopes of getting a big break but he is far worse than before he moved to Lagos.
I know a lady who can cook up a storm, spirit filled with lips, hips and finger tips. Grooming herself to be the perfect wife but her philandering friend is the one getting all the attention.
With all these curve balls life throw at you, is there a finish line in the pursuit of happiness?????

P.S. I am typing this on my phone, unedited. Pardon me for any typo.


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