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My First Time Having…………….

As boring and stale as this may sound to you, just very recently, I had my very first outing where I had drinks. Who else to share the experience with than YOU.

I was super excited to just unwind after work and I liked the certain ring in my ear of telling my colleagues *I am going out for drinks*. It was a week day so I knew not to over do things coupled with the fact that it was my first time having *drinks* so to speak. #Babysteps.

I met up withย  a dear friend somewhere nice *no cheap publicity* in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria but trust me, it was nice. The ambience, the pool view, the customer service, the gentle night breeze and an amazing companion was the perfect setting. My friend being the experienced one said I should have a glass of gin and tonic while he had a glass of beer. It was a weird but nice sensation as I felt the warmth of the drink down my throat. We talked, laughed, shared experiences, watched people go by, talked some more.

Being a learner in this area, I was quiet surprised that we clinked glasses *cheers* a number of times. In movies, I only saw them clink glasses at the beginning of each drink and we were still on our first glass. I was having fun and every time my companion wanted to clink glasses, I obliged.

After the first drink, we made our way to another bar where there was live music, food, a TV and more people. The live band was amazing, the football game was good, my companion was cracking my ribs and I was slowly sipping my drink and clinking glasses every now and again. Then the bar manager makes his way to where we were seated with two shots of tequila,the salt and lemon thingy. I had seen enough movies to know the havoc that could cause so my dear companion helped me out with mine *lol*. Such a gentle being.

Suffice to say this was a completely different experience for me but it was good, really good. Did I feel like I was going to hell because I took alcohol? Nope. Did I feel like I had turn to good girl gone bad? Nope. It was a memorable night and there was a certain pep to my step when I bade my companion good bye and made my way home. It really does not hurt to try out new things with caution. You Only Live Once.

I can imagine my sister and church members reading this post. *hahahaha* y’all should relax, it was just one drink or two and my salvation is still intact.

Any suggestions for when next I go for drinks??? Cheers.xoxoxo.




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