Raise a glass to the fallen Angels


There was this gathering on a friday night after work, TGIF, celebrating the new financial year, sending forth staffs to new beginnings, celebrating new pay raise, typical Nigeria style outing, work hard and party hard. If you know me well, you know I am an introvert, I would pick movies at home and food over going out, plus the love I have for my sleep time cannot be overvalued. Everyone figured I was not going to be at the hang out, but I decided to try once again the night life to reaffirm my conviction that *that life ain’t for me*.

I followed my colleague and we arrived at the venue, obviously I blended with the decor, ate the finger foods, cheered my colleagues as they danced, pretended to dance while sitting, stared at my phone every now and again, refused the alcoholic drinks I was offered *I wanted my usual gin and tonic but it was not available*.

As a greenhorn in the night life, I was confused when my free ride to the mainland was not ready by 11pm,11:30pm…….Uber on my phone had gone bunkers, I left my ATM at home and then I remembered I knew an angel………..


O.O is my cousin’s friend and automatically became my friend too, he is our go to guy for practically everything, he had seen it all and could give us advice on everything and anything, he was like the cool up-to-date big brother/uncle.

I sent him a message on whatsapp and like the absolute angel and guardian he is, he offered to come from Surulere to Victoria Island, drop me off at Ikeja and then go back to Gbagada. Please take out time to check google map and see all the routes he was passing to come pick me and drop me off at home safely.Β 

I was elated and I calmly waited for him because I was sure he would show, around 12:30am, he was outside the building and I joyously walked to the car, entered, used my seatbelt and started chatting about how I just hated the loud music, smell of cigar and all. O.O looked at me, stretched both hands and gave me a soothing hug, I hurriedly hugged him back and we started gisting. We talked all the way to the house, my plans, his plans, my cousin, work, a certain brother, my being an introvert, how I needed to go out some more, how he intended to tip the security guard of my estate for letting us in at past 1:00am on Saturday morning.

We got to the front of my house, I said O.O, thank you for saving me, I undid my seatbelt and was about to jump down but he stretched his hands again and gave me a hug. I told him to buzz me when he was home and bade my farewell. We continued our gist later on Saturday afternoon and stopped talking around 3pm.

On Sunday morning, around past 11am, I got a call from my cousin. As a renowned sister righteousness, most people knew not to call me at church time and for my cousin to call me at that time, I knew something was off. I picked the call and………..

Cousin: Tobi was it not yesterday you saw O.O

Me: Yes now, whats up?

Cousin: O.O is dead

Me: *I blacked out for a few seconds*. Which O.O is that? I was chatting with our O.O till 3 yesterday. I was gisting you now, remember?

Cousin: *Hysterically* O.O is dead, S just called me and said he was in an accident.

I don’t remember how the conversation ended but I was in denial, it could not be, it was impossible, we were talking less than 24 hours ago, he hugged me twice, I still remember his signature cologne, why didn’t I hug him for an extra 30 seconds, did I remember to thank him enough for all he had done for me? I dialled his number immediately, his brother picked and confirmed his death.

Sunday to Wednesday evening was a blur and as I sat in the church for his service of songs, it all began to sink in, O.O was gone forever, we were laying him to rest and I cried for the first time since Sunday. I would never see, hug or talk to O.O again………..

Last week Friday, I was surfing through instagram and I came across a post from a dear friend of mine who had been married for approximately two years with a very cute son. The post was *Not so long ago I said I do to spend forever with you. My heart bleeds as forever came too soon. Babe, your son and I still wait for you to walk through the front door so I can wake up from this nightmare. Rest in peace my love*

Another Angel was gone, another dream shattered, another plan destroyed, another son denied from knowing his father, another ……………………….

Here’s saying goodbye to the angels that have touched our lives, to the heroes that have been left behind, I pray God gives us the fortitude to bear this loss, peace that surpass all human understanding, strength in this trying times and much more.

Rest In Peace O.O and Mr I………..




5 thoughts on “Raise a glass to the fallen Angels

  1. wow! This is so sad and tragic, had to hold back my emotions because of my surrounding. This just teaches that ANYTIME can be “the end”. No point holding on to grudges, or unnecessary things.
    May their souls and every other great people’s souls rest in peace!!!


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