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The Things I Hate About Nigerians

Don’t get it twisted, I was born, bred and have lived in Nigeria all my life. Matter of fact, I have NEVER left Nigeria but there are somethings that Nigerians do that make me ponder and just sigh *sighs*. One of them is time keeping. I could go on and on about time keeping. Personally,…… Continue reading The Things I Hate About Nigerians

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Stranger Things

I have always read stories about hypnosis and watched it on CBS Reality but it never happened to anyone I knew personally so I never really believed the stories. Flashback to January last year, I met up with an acquaintance on my way to work one Monday morning and she narrated a shocking tale to…… Continue reading Stranger Things

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My First Time Having…………….

As boring and stale as this may sound to you, just very recently, I had my very first outing where I had drinks. Who else to share the experience with than YOU. I was super excited to just unwind after work and I liked the certain ring in my ear of telling my colleagues *I…… Continue reading My First Time Having…………….