House Keeping

Hello, I hope YOU are having a great day and having a blast at the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro or on the TV like me *lol*. This post is dedicated to all my extended families who won a medal at the Olympics and a very special someone I will introduce you to as you read on. Thank YOU for making your sister proud.

APOLOGIES: I noticed that my last two posts were not automatically updated to my face book page and I have corrected that error *well….this post will tell if it actually worked* I do not take YOU my face book fans for granted and I know YOU have missed me *awwww!!!! I miss YOU more* so here’s the link for the last two posts.ย  No Quickies In Parastatals and So Embarrassing Enjoy.

GRATEFUL HEART: A ghastly accident happened on Third Mainland Bridge on Sunday and both young and old lives were lost. I did not go to church on Sunday because I have completed my Finding the Rock class in church and I was just too tired after being unable to sleep till the early hours of Sunday morning. I take the Third Mainland Bridge at least 10 times every week and I have never been involved in neither minor or major accident. I don’t take the protection for granted and all Glory goes to God, His love is beyond my comprehension. #gratefulheart.


I have a mentor, her name is Sally Kenneth Dadzie, She is an exceptional and successful writer and one thing that stood out for me asides her impeccable writing skills is her level of discipline and commitment. Like I always say, Talent will take you where only character can keep you and Aunty Sally is the Total Package. She is so talented, humble about her talent, UBER NICE, a woman of her words, relates well with the public, responds maturedly to either negative or positive comments on her post, drops a post when she promises to, apologizes if she is unable to etc. She is THE MVP.

My friend Murphy introduced me to her page and I have been stuck since last year. I would read her post while waiting for the BRT, laugh, sigh or yelp and get weird looks but it was a sweet escape from the chaos around. I have been privileged to exchange a few mails with her and I always grin like a Cheshire cat when she responds. She recently published an e-book on okadabooks titled The Fourth Finger and I mailed her to purchase a copy of the book. Aunty Sally sent me a copy of the book FREE *I died as in DIED* How nice can one person be. Dear Readers, If you have not visited her page at then yes you have been sleeping on a bicycle and living under a rock. I mean, she gets views from over 120 countries because she is that captivating and recently got a phenomenal review on The Fourth Finger onย  bella naija.

If YOU enjoy reading a newbie’s blog like mine then YOU are sure going to LOVE hers and rate it an A+. Enough said, don’t take my word for it, go visit the page and YOU are sure to thank me later.

P.S: I will be dropping a post tomorrow so stay in touch and please add me up on facebook @ Tobi Fadeyibi, twitter @ TheTobislim and instagram @ thetobeyslim. See YOU tomorrow. xoxoxoxo.