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I have made a Huge Mistake

Hey YOU, I know I have broken a new record for MIA, I AM SORRY. I have no excuse. 2016 has been an Amazing year for me, 2015 was not so good, so I braced myself for 2016 and faced it head on. I was ready and prepared, looking out for opportunities and constantly connected…… Continue reading I have made a Huge Mistake

Personal experiences

No Quickies In Parastatals

On a busy monday morning, I got a notification that my traffic on the blog had experiencedย  a spike. awwwwww!!! melted my heart completely and brightened my day. I have each and every one of YOU from Nigeria, Norway, France, Canada, South Africa, European Union, USA, UK, Ireland, Ukraine to thank for that. YOU Readers,…… Continue reading No Quickies In Parastatals

Life in Nigeria

Chronicles of a Car less lagosian.

The heading is not wrong, I really meant car less and not careless. Soooo hey YOU, you know I am referring to YOU. I hope YOU had a great week and will have an even greater weekend??? I trust YOU to make the weekend great. I am sure you know by now YOU know but…… Continue reading Chronicles of a Car less lagosian.

Personal experiences

Liar! Liar!! Pants on Fire!!!

Lets start with House keeping: My darling baby that I birthed on the 7th of June, 2016 is a month today, I have watched her grow, be famous and believe me when I say the feeling is so surreal. Happy Birthday Darling, Mama Bear loves You. Wondering if I have a daughter??? Yes I do,…… Continue reading Liar! Liar!! Pants on Fire!!!

Meet My......

Meet My Former Neighbour:The Sex Worker.

Hey YOU, #TGIF. I hope you are having a fab day and preparing to turn up in your various turn up destinations???? I will definitely be turning up with some series on my giant bed while simultaneously diggingย  into my memory archive to bring you my life’s extraordinary experiences solely for YOUR reading pleasure. Thank…… Continue reading Meet My Former Neighbour:The Sex Worker.