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That time I was Conned and Robbed

I was super excited to get a message from my modelling agency about an audition for a brand; it was scheduled for mid noon on a week day and so I got dressed in my best model audition outfit and made my way to the hotel in Victoria Island where the auditions were holding. I…… Continue reading That time I was Conned and Robbed

Life Lessons · Personal experiences

I have made a Huge Mistake

Hey YOU, I know I have broken a new record for MIA, I AM SORRY. I have no excuse. 2016 has been an Amazing year for me, 2015 was not so good, so I braced myself for 2016 and faced it head on. I was ready and prepared, looking out for opportunities and constantly connected…… Continue reading I have made a Huge Mistake

Life Lessons · Personal experiences

Where are The True Friends???

Hello lovelies, trust YOU are good and getting in the spirit of Christmas? Here is wishing you Happy Holidays……… I know I have barely been posting stuffs but honestly, it is not my fault. I have been unbelievably busy all week and weekends, I get home really late and this week I broke the record…… Continue reading Where are The True Friends???

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Doom’s Day Began

Been trying to publish this post since 9:00am today but the network is really upset with me. Before I dive into today’s story, let me talk about what’s trending. Donald Trump is the new president, *whew*, seemed like a joke when he started his campaign. I am more in shock by Americans than hurt that…… Continue reading Doom’s Day Began

Life Lessons · Personal experiences

Life’s a Vicious Cycle…

This post is dedicated to Zainab, thank You for always reading and commenting and My one and only brother Femi, Happy birthday boo. xoxoxo. The older you grow, the more relationships you build, cut-off, cherish, nourish, let go etc. The way I am wired, I make friends easily because I am very easy to talk…… Continue reading Life’s a Vicious Cycle…