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The Things I Hate About Nigerians

Don’t get it twisted, I was born, bred and have lived in Nigeria all my life. Matter of fact, I have NEVER left Nigeria but there are somethings that Nigerians do that make me ponder and just sigh *sighs*.

One of them is time keeping. I could go on and on about time keeping. Personally, I find it very disrespectful when you don’t keep to time and when you realize you are running late, rather than admitting, you start lying and saying *ahnahn, where are you?can’t you see my car, see me waving, are you wearing a red top, I am about to cross the road?* A While ago, I had this thing to attend in a seemingly cultured,excellent,organized organization by 8:00am prompt.

I was there at a few minutes to 8 and like my dear friend’s mum will say *believe me sincerely*, the speaker did not come on stage till past 11. I was fuming, and you know what annoyed me the most, the Nigerian speaker walked on stage, not a word of apology, cracked a few jokes and my fellow Nigerians laughed and we got right into the order of the day. I was in shock, didn’t these Nigerians have better things to do? were they not upset that valuable time had been wasted? Needless to say, I was too upset to gain anything tangible.

My fellow Nigerians too can be VERY rude and insensitive. For example, imagine a young lady with a very defined African behind/booty/buttocks/ass, My fellow Nigerians don’t care if she is insecure about it even if it’s causing a mayhem among the male clan. They openly praise her, expect her to laugh back, roll the booty and strut away.

They see a skinny person and say *you don’t eat all all o, breeze will just carry you away o, dont break o, anyways,I am watching my weight so I will be like you. what if she is Anorexic?*

Someone makes a mistake while talking and everyone is laughing about the change from past to present tense, the accent etc. Need I remind us that English is not our mother language?

They see a baby and they just yank the baby from his/her mum and even attempt to feed the baby. what if the baby is allergic? If you think I am lying, go check out blog. Really, my fellow Nigerians, let’s be a little more sensitive and tone down the comments.

Haters will say I am forming americana when I have never even travelled but oh well…..what is wrong is wrong, what is right is right. Let’s all show some emotional intelligence. It is very easy to laugh at someone but when the tables turn, *drops mic*.


2 thoughts on “The Things I Hate About Nigerians

  1. I know right. And then they give the excuse of what if it’s an office conference, won’t you stay for as long as your boss required. What is wrong is wrong n what is right is right. God help Nigerians and their mediocrity. Thank you so much for taking time out to read and comment. Xoxoxo


  2. I really hate it when people don’t keep to time seriously. A pastor mounts the pulpit says he will spend only 30 mins on the word but ends up spending over 2 hours, that is very annoying to me. And they make the excuse that it is the anointing or as led by the Spirit. Well am not disputing that but it cannot be in all cases. Even the scripture says in 1 Cor 14:32 “And the Spirit of Prophet is subject to the Prophet….. 1 Cor 14:32”. For me, when one says he/she will spend 1 hour on a speech, talk, etc. Subconsciously my mind is tuned to that. So anything after that stipulated time gets me lost, the longer you deviate from the original time, the more lost I get.

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